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Marriage Curses & Marriage Generational Curses
Marriage & The Rules Of Marriage
In the beginning of the introduction of the woman to the world, she came to be a companion and an assistant to the man. She was not made from the earth but rather from the flesh and bone of the man she was made for. Therefore, they were one flesh already. As she needed not be what she already was, which is, the wife of the man that she was made from. In that they were one flesh they were made as one flesh. In that they were made as one flesh they were one, and she was his wife and he was her husband.
Only God could have done such as making that woman from the flesh and bone of the man, and made them one as they were made one, because they are one. Therefore, by this same God who made them as one from the same flesh, a man and a woman can come together to be made as one and the same flesh, but only the same God have the power to commit such. No man without the will and authority of God can perform any holy marriage. For the man that performs the marriage must be holy. For the holy God does not honor the prayers of unholy men. Therefore, the state cannot conduct any marriage - at least not where the people of God are concern.
Therefore, when the children of God are come into the Kingdom of God - hereby now setup and establish here by The Word Of God - those who were married by the state, shall need to be remarried by holy men of God. For not because a man call on God doesn`t means his prayers were answered. If God did not approve of this man then he cannot perform an oat unto God in any marriage. For if this man`s life is not in loyalty to the will of God, he cannot participate in a loyal oat to God. Therefore, not all men can perform a marriage. For he that shall petition unto God regarding a matter, must first be in the place where he can petition unto God. For the holy God will not go in a man`s place, for he is holy, but a man must come into his will, for he is God that a man must subject himself to.
The flesh have not power over the flesh to subject the flesh. Therefore, if the flesh must needs be subjected - as it does - the flesh must be subjected to the spirit, and not to any spirit but to the Holy Spirit. Without this the flesh is destroyed. For the absence of the Holy Spirit in over the flesh is what destroy the flesh, when by this absence the flesh is left to survive by its pleasures and weak desires. For without the law of the Holy Spirit the flesh perish, for there is nothing to subject it, and without its subjection it cannot be saved. Therefore, what the flesh is and desires is what destroys it, because that cannot save it if it needs to be subjected. Now because pleasure is what the flesh desire, then pleasure is what destroys the flesh, since the flesh needed to be subjected to be saved. Therefore, the flesh keeps following after pleasure, and when it is destroyed, the spirit that it gave up as the ghost keeps seaking for more pleasure in the afterlife, with a body there that continues as the spirit body in the destruction that it continues to encounter as more of that reprobate shame that takes it deeper into dieing and more subjectiveness. For as the desires of the flesh was pleasure and lack Submission to the Hoy Spirit, and that pleasure destroy the flesh because it was absent of that which save it, so then was that body destroyed, because the body was the body of the flesh. Now as the flesh did destroy a body that follow after its pleasure then so by walking after pleasure that soul is further lost, for the temptation that brought it down continues to bring it down. AS life goes on that which is dead becomes more dead, and that which is lack of life is dieing. Therefore, if that which die continues to die then it continues to deteriorate. Therfore the hell that these appear in is an undescribable place. For righteousness in God is life and life everlasting, and sin is death and ever lasting dieing. Therefore, death can be dier and dier unto more death and deeper into dieing, like a grain of sand that was placed upon the ocean and fell deaper and deepr as into the pit of something. That grain of sand is lost and cannot be found, so is the soul of this man. While the soul of this man is lost, anything that is connected to it is also lost. For if what was connected to the thing could be found then that thing wuld not have b een lost. Therefore, touch not that which is unholy and let not that which is unholy touch you. For there is no such thing as an unholy man performing a holy marriage - for this is not possible, and if the marriage is not holy theni it is cursed, but the spirit of God only have such power. Therefore, when the man of the flesh perform that which is spiritual then flesh is not subjected. Therefore, the man that is not spiritual and holy unto God cannot subject the flesh of the man to the woman, neither the woman to the man.
Now as a man in a marriage where the spirit was unable to subject the flesh, both is under the law of the flesh, and his flesh was not subjected. Therefore, he enters into a lawless marriage, and the signs that there are no blessings applied to this marriage are the sign that God did not approved it. For a marriage must be in the will of God. For many there be that take the things of God to pervert them, and to make that holy thing an abominable thing. For God must be in the things that he had instituted for them to be good and holy. For it is not the thing that is holy but the holy God that is in the thing. When a man remove the divine purpose from a thing then that thing becomes a curse, and serve the opposite purpose of the reason why it was created.
Now as such the application of all gay marriages is a curse both to them who became involved and a curse to them which perform them. For the man who performs a gay marriage cannot perform the opposite, less he is double minded. If he cannot perform a straight marriage then he is not qualified to married. Therefore, there is none that can perform a gay marriage. For the man that perform a gay marriage cannot perform a straight marriage, for they are opposite. Now as the word of God stated that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, then such a person cannot perform a marriage, since the whole idea of marriage is about stability. For this spirit that performs the marriage will destroy the marriage, if such a spirit is not in loyalty with the God who instituted the marriage. For this, many marriages are chaotic, and will not last.
Gay Marriage Redundancy
You cannot marry two things that are already the same kind, for that defeats the very purpose of marriage. Therefore, the man that was made man cannot have a purpose in uniting with a flesh of the same kind, likewise neither can the woman unite with a flesh of the same kind. For marrying would set them on a path to achieve the same thing they already achieved, in being the flesh that they already are.
Furthermore, no two people of the same sex could produce children. Therefore, the marriage is dead since it cannot produce life, and the fruits of such marriage are nowhere to be found, for they cannot be. Therefore, a society based on gay marriage could not survive without straight marriage. Anything or any idea that cannot survive on its own is lifeless. Therefore, the law of same -sex union is death.
Now because the law of same-sex union is death, them that are connected to this, or supports it, or support what is connected to it, are all spiritually dead. None of the kingdom of God shall speak of this as a permissive thing, or make any gesture of support to this, not even for the sake of compassion on those who are there. For this action and concept must be shun and verbally rejected. For them that refused to reject it and to testify against it are in agreement to it. As such this demon shall overcome them, and shall subject them and make them inhabitants of that dark thing and that dark places.
This homophobic spirit is an abomination unto God and must be verbally protested against. None who agrees with this spirit, or even as much as be silent when ask to decide against it shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. For the lack of verbal testimony against any wrong thiin is obedience to it, and subjection to its power. If anyone shall say to you "all sins are the same sin" rebuke such a person and teach them. For the word of God maintain that there is a sin unto death and a sin that is not unto death. Then there are abominations, and blasphemy. Even the world with its government have laws that are infractions, laws that are misdemeanors, and laws that are felonies. These laws are with different level of punishments. Likewise, in the kingdom of God, there are things that are already matured and that which matures. Any continuation of any sin leads to greater sin.
Therefore, everyone aught to place themselves in a position against that which can subject them to become helpless to overcome. The homophobic spirit is a subjective spirit, as such, many have become gay who didn`t know they could, all because of the law of the subjective spirit.
Therefore, testify against the things you disagree with, for this testimony shall give you power. Where there are no testimonies there is no power to overcome, and the power to subject a man will be the default authority over the man`s spirit. Therefore, when he quest not for a higher spirit a lower spirit shall guide him. Such lower spirits are the subjective spirits - many of whom there are. The more subjective a man become is the more subjective spirits that there are to subject him. Therefore, he travels from one subjective world of subjection to the another subjective world. His spirit lives under the earth, and belongs there, and fail to rise to the premise of hope and the presence of God, for he has not exercised and have no worship of the things of God and the will of God.
The pleasure that is sought in the spirits of man - some of which are achieved - are that which took him into compromises and rolls out his purposes of subjection. This is the plight of a lost soul. A man must live up to the perfect will of God. For although God change not yet man must change, for each day he must do better than he did the days before. For only so can a man grow and achieve his salvation in the plan of God and be in the perfect will of God.
No man shall put asunder that which God has joined together. Only God can put asunder what he had joined together, and God does not do redundant things. As every marriage was with an oat then those that were married under the oat are married under the oat, and that is an oat unto God.
If the husband die in the marriage then the wife is free to remarried, for the marriage is until death.
Yet for adultery, this - the following - teachings is put in place.
One of the reason why the woman was brought in the plan was to assist in the plan. The covenant that God made about work and governing was with the man and not with the woman, because the covenant was made before the woman came on the scene. Therefore, when God return to the garden to check on the status of the plan, he did not call for the woman but for the man - because he had no covenant with the woman he had no blame on her. The man was given the plan and then the woman was brought in, to be his wife and to be the third person in the plan. The first person is God - the owner of the the earth. Then the second person, the man, was made to manage the earth. For man means manager. then woven from the man was the woman, who is the third person and made to assist the man in the plan.
Now the marriage is God`s marriage, for it was his idea. Therefore, all matters of the marriage must be addressed to him before there is any agreement in the marriage. God alone is to make that decision, then the man enforce that decision in his family with the help of the woman whom he shall share those instructions with and ask here to carry them out. This ask I emphasize as an act of humility and a humble ask, for he must never be arrogant towards here, but be kind and esteem her, for she is the gift of God to him, and she is precious. Therefore, when the man disrespect her he destroys himself with that same subjective spirit that he tried to subject her to. For his wisdom is taken from him, for he violated the gift of God that is granted to him.
A man and a woman shall not come together to make plans for the marriage. For if they knew answers, that converging would not be necessary. It is the man that must go to God with an update in the plan and ask his will on further movements and ambitions and methods and guidelines. Then when God gives him such instruction he shall explain this to his woman. Therefore, her input on making that decision was not needed, neither did the man. For if either the man or the woman makes decision on their marriage and the direction that things is to go, then such a marriage is dysfunctional.
If the man does not communicate with God on every matter concerning his marriage then he goes to the woman to make these decisions. This man that communicate not with God on these things is not a man. For he cannot manage he is not a man, and if he is not in communication with the owner he cannot manage. For none that manage any business make any changes to the business without the express consent of the owner.
The kingdom of God is not a democracy and does not regard the claim or personal ambitions of any, neither the man nor the woman. The laws of God are commandments and not askings. Therefore, him who writes the word of God is without apology to any. All man in all the earth shall follow God`s law. No man shall make any law anywhere that is in opposition to the laws and the will of God. For this earth is his and he (God) is the governor of it. For he is Kings Of Kings and Lord Of Lords. It is him that can destroy a man`s soul in hell. Therefore, fear not him who can destroy you on earth but have no power over your soul, but fear him whom by absence of his fear both body and soul is automatically destroyed, and eternally lost because of the absence of his light.
If the woman is unsatisfied with surrendering to the man, put her out from among you. For if she is not satisfied with third place then neither will she be satisfied with second place. This set her to compete for first place, and this is the place where God is in her marriage and in her life. Therefore, she is an ultimate threat to the kingdom of God - since she unknowingly covet the place of God, and must be seen lawless and be put out. For this spirit of diva-ship aims to destroy the very works of God. It is the duty of The Kingdom of God to remove such a person from among us. For this spirit is dangerous. For this was the works of Lucifier to refuse to subornate to God, even though he was second place. Therefore, the insubordinate plight of womanhood is Lucifarian, which brought along with it the whole agenda of Lucifer, in the governments of the world. For this the Lucifarian spirit that aim to subject men to women, and to pervert marriages, pervert sex and to permit the most abominable things. This Lucifarian spirit that the woman subject to is what causes the dysfunctionality in marriages, which causes social dysfunctionality, and sexual perversion.
For either way the woman is the distributor of the plan, for she produces. Therefore, she is the distributor of the plan that the man has, and God gave the plan to the man. Therefore, when the man is not in contact with God, he has no plan, then the woman distribute an empty plan without substance and solution, for she must distribute some plan. As such this creates the problems in our society. For if she has not plan to distrubute then she might make up one based on her own ideas. She was not made for this, and this is therefore not her purpose. Therefore the ideas that she distribute is problematic to our society. As such we seen the likes of many dysfunctionnalities playing out in society, starting with marriage separations and divorces.
If any woman shall contemplate a marriage to any man, and she have more than he has, she is still under the authority of the man. These things that she shall have does not giver her power in the marriage. Therefore, she shall not speak of them.
If she have her own agendas and tend to govern over her own affairs, and wants her own things, this will compromise the authority of the man, her marriage must be progressed under a man which supersedes her in these things. Such a marriage to a man who may subject himself to this situation is a dysfunctional marriage and is a marriage aim to subject the man to the powers of Lucifer. For if the man is not the authority over the woman in his marriage it is not his marriage but his dysfunctionality. Therefore, not all marriages are compatible.
For when a man is subjected to the rulership of a woman in his marriage, he is on a path to hell. For God cannot lead his marriage if he is not where he needs to be in his marriage. Now because the marriages is upside down, Satan is the leader and not God. In this case, the man will suffer most, for now he is the target of the enemy which aims to subject him - and not in a good way, with the woman ignorantly playing a part in the destruction of her husband and in the destruction of both their souls. Therefore, when the woman is not subjected to the man`s authority she is destroying both herself and her husband.
For in a relationship with a rebellious woman, both the man and the woman`s souls are being destroyed, and so are their children. Babies coming out of her whom are also rebellious, and as the woman is insubordinate so shall the children be, and so shall the children of the children. For this is a generational curse. Therefore, the man that abides to be governed by rebellious spirits shall lead a generation of vipers and cursed souls upon the earth. If that which comes from here is evil then he is evil because. As such he is subjected to evil that shall destroy him. The generation of this subjected man is destined to be under the earth and deeply lost. This makes, this is a vital matter for both the man and the woman to look into and to avoid. For this rebellious spirit cause recklessness.

A rebellious woman is a curse and is good for no man, avoid these. This is the works of divas and the plot against the souls of many, and that which - from the beginning - brought curse to the earth. For as she is rebellious, so are her children, and the man is an equal participant in producing the destruction upon the earth and that which aims to the earth and destroy the kingdom of God, if we would let it - but we will not. For at the time when I sat down to write, when I had no knowledge of these things, the Holy Spirit went on the subject of womanhood and sojourned there with much things to say and many subject matters.
For this is the spirit that Antichrist and all the lawless spirit shall latch on to in order to destroy, for the find an easy path there. Therefore, she is a weapon for the enemies of God if she refuse to subject herself to the will of God.
For womanhood is a weapon for Satan, for it seeks for power, which opens up the door of temptation, and through her the devil destroyed many souls.
Now while the woman shall work with the man on the plan, they shall achieve milestones together, and celebrate through intimate encounters. Now when the woman works with another man to achieve his goal, she abandons her husband`s plan which she is a part of and is also her plan. This she do because she wants to rule and exercise power over the man.
Therefore, she is not loyal to her marriage in any sense. No as the act of disloyalty is already committed because of her absence from her husband`s work - which is also her work, then so is her loyalty to that other work brings loyalty to them there. Therefore, this opens a door to infidelity. She begins to see things that she deemed to be higher than the man and yield to the temptations there. As her souls lusts so did her body. The opportunity for loyalty here is almost non-existence. This is an incompatible marriage that should never occur. For her desires are for her own.
Now although the marriage was a mistake it is still a marriage, and except for the occurrence of death or adultery the man is subjected to it.
Now in this case when the woman follow temptation and become unfaithful in the marriage, she comes home to a stranger and a stranger comes home to her. She went in to a stranger and a stranger went in to her to seal her unfaithfulness. Her loyalty has now switched from her husband and the man she sleeps with is now her husband in the soul.
Therefore, as her husband that she is married to has been subjected under this spirit, when she returns home to have slept with her husband he will be involved with a stranger. The spirit that the woman brings into the man`s sovereignty shall aim to destroy him. Therefore, this demon could cause an untimely death for this man who is the husband of this woman, while the man that she sleeps with shall live. For this is a curse that she brings in, she returns to the house with a viper demons with the sting of death. This demon shall seek to kill. Now while the soul is subjected it can be lost, guided to be lost by that which subjects it.
The demon can slaughter this man when the desire of the woman is to another man. For he is trying to assist here in this act. This is for her to be one with where her dreams are. For here desires were higher than where he was and she is tempted. Therefore her intent design is to destroy that which moves from. Her will is no longer there. Now every time she returns to her husband she returns to what her spirit have left. Therefore, her intent that has now become more powerful than the man`s will assassinate him....
For any man that the woman gives her loyalty to is her true husband. Therefore, when her married husband shall sleep with her after she have slept with that other man, her husband shall commit adultery with her (spiritually) because her loyalty is no longer with her supposed husband. Therefore, this man could end up in hell and be subjected
into darkness by the demons that slaughtered him there. For if he dies because of the errors in his marriage he is not innocent, for he destroyed the covenant with God whether directly or indirectly. Therefore, he shall be punished for the mistakes that the woman made. For he that made the error in the first place is responsible for the errors that occur as a result. If the woman found is rebellious in the marriage then the man is held accountable. For she was rebellious before she married and the plan is between the man and God first before the woman was brought into it, and it is his marriage that he is responsible to govern over. If a man have no plan then he should not be married, for there is no work to be done in the marriage and nothing to help with.
Now the curse that the woman brings upon the man in the marriage - by her infidelity - that shall cause the man`s death, is The Puppet Curse. In the puppet curse there is that subjected spirit at work. The puppet curse is demonic subjection that takes over the whole purpose structure of a man`s life. The decisions that the man make are ideas given to him by this spirit that he is subjected to. This makes the man an willing participant is the very design of his destruction, and in the whole purpose scheme involvement into what will bring his own untimely death. Therefore, after this man is dead his conscience will help to convict him to his subjective place.
Once the man is under the subjective spirit he is already subjected, and this is the country in which he lives. Now although this man appears to be living life as usual, he is under a spell, and is already disconnected from life in the spiritual world. He is as a walking dead, and in his countenance you can see fear there because he is really terrified in his spirit and probably don`t even know why. He feels this driven inevitability an subjection, and again, he doesn`t know why.
This is where this man needs verbal announcements and testimonies to override this spirit. He must verbally renounce this and subject himself to the perfect will of God, for the demons cant go there. A man`s happiness and his worship and his testimony is the only thing that can break this curse, for his spirit must override what subjects him. Don`t let your mindset and modes of depression separate you from likely friends, for here your spirit is subjected and the gates of hell is pursuing you.
The one thing about an untimely death is that it doesn`t need to occur. Therefore, it can be avoided if the right actions are taken.
All that is needed for the puppet curse to subject you was that one little slight agreement to something that you shouldn`t have agreed to, or that one little allowing something that you should not have allowed. Any slightest gesture of approval is an election for this spirit to surrender your spirit and take over your life.
Now as in the election of a politician, once you cast that vote you give him permission to govern but have no control over what he shall do in his governing. In this same manner, when a demonic spirit is elected, you have no control over what he can do. You are in the country of that demon and under his government. Therefore, you are governed by the laws there and not your own laws. This is why those in hell cant get out, for they are subjected there.
Therefore, the ghost of a man that they say return from the afterlife have nothing to do with the person who died. All this is is samples of the man life that the demons had and have the power to replay those slides since they own the rights to the man`s life while he was alive.

For example, a man goes into a studio and records a song. Now after this song was already recorded, those who purchased the rights to this song have the right to play this song where ever they wants.
Now while the song is being played, maybe even in another country, the man have no idea what is happening, even while though the evidence of his actions are there, for his actions are being reused - thanks to the record that he made.
Now also his producer who owns all the rights to his music can go into the studio and manipulate his work to fit whatever purpose scheme he have in mind.
No so likewise when a man live his life on earth, the spirit that he subjected his life to have the rights to the records of his actions, and own those rights. Now when he is dead, although he is in where he cant get out, the demons who own him and have the rights to his activities can play records of that man in a purpose scheme where a ghost is slated to show up. Therefore, even though he is not there, the tape records of his that the demons have for him can be played by them to make him appear in certain places. As like demons like films that are not clearly seen, so are the films that the demons have and can be manipulated.
I say that to clear the minds of anyone who believed that there is no hell since there are demons, and think that those souls are not suffering in hell as countless spirits of men have travelled there and already verified. While his ghost may have been available in the manner I just stated above, his conscious soul is in a different place. Demonic control is a very pivotal and powerful thing that - once started - will not let go but only will control and subject. It is aimed to get to a place where it can control the mindset of a person to lack off all outside teachings. This is mind control. Therefore, we are on a mission to get to people before the demons can go in and close the doors. We ant to let people know that they are coming and what to expect.
The best place to be is where you are now, where the word of God can keep you informed and keep you safe.
A marriage becomes necessary even though they were one flesh, for the one flesh that they were they must become in sermonial oat before the God who had brought them together as one.
We write these things to teach the world because it doesnt pay for anyone to be ignorant.

The Key Of Life

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Wednesday September 16 - 2020 (26). I went to hell for fornication - My testimony...
Avoid Hell
Miami Gardens
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Wednesday September 16 - 2020 (27). "Vision Of Hell--Kobe Bryant--Young Men Wake Up!!...
Miami Gardens
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Friday September 11 - 2020 (28). Divorce and remarriage, what does the Bible really say...
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Friday September 11 - 2020 (29). 10 Scriptures that REFUTE Once Saved Always Saved !!!...
Bible Flock Box
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Friday September 11 - 2020 (30). THE MYTH OF ETERNAL SECURITY Once Saved Always Saved Ex...
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Friday September 11 - 2020 (31). Testimony – I repented after visiting heaven and hell...
New Hope International Church
Miami Gardens
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