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He looks like he is unable to move forward, I met him years ago and he seems to be in the same place where he is now, with no sign of progress on any particular goals, except he ages with time.
I seems now to have some regrets about the way I treated him, and wish that I would have been a little bit nicer to him. The thing that I tried to correct him about was still not corrected, it is also still in the same place where it was and had never adopted a new name.
I thought of him as insane for not understanding where I was going or what I meant, but what If I was wrong then that would made him right, and I would be with the same disrepair I though of him to have. Therefore, I was placed with that disrepair as his was seen to be, because I asked.
There my idea was what I think thought was supposed to be and not what it is. Therefore, my truth could not be addressed because it was missing truth. Therefore, my asking was for a thing that did not existed, and for that there was lawlessness in that which I asked because it had not truth or anything tat could be seen or fulfilled. Therefore, my asking was a miss.
Now as I had asked the lawless thing then so was my asking lawless because of the lack of truth there in with the thing that I asked.
Therefore, up until today when I realized, I fell under the curse of that which I assume that person to be - which was that negative thing - and my asking puts me there. For that subjective thing that I asked was that subjective thing that I saw and wanted and thought it was good because it sounded good. Nevertheless, truth prevailed against it and what stood out was what the thing was already is - not what I asked for it to be.
That lawless thing that I asked for subjected me to become that which I saw was not capable of delivering it, and that thing that could not deliver was the subjective spirit`s curse tat I found myself under. Therefore, those words and that request became a curse to me, and that spirit that I asked to deliver it did subjected me to become that unable spirit that that spirit that I asked itself is.
For that a man ask he shall receive from what he ask. Therefore, when he ask nicely. For if you ask of a man when you think he is not worthy of your ultimate respect, that which he think he is you shall become. For if a man is not worthy of your respect don`t ask of him anything, and that which you ask of any man must be according to truth. For if you ask anything of a man with a lack of respect because you think he is lower than you, then that lower subjective spirit that you accessed to deal with this man with a lack of respect shall subject you - because you access this particular subjective spirit then that spirit shall subject you to the purpose that it is.
Many have brought curses unto themselves for a lack of understanding about the law of asking. For as you ask of the God you assume for things and you petition him with this respect, then so when you ask of a man petition him with respect, else ask not.
For when you ask of a man for a thing with the proper respect, you position the ma in a sovereign place where he have the authority to grant that thing. For without this authority nothing can be granted, and that which grants otherwise grant not a good thing but a curse.
For you are connected to the spirit that grants when you ask. Therefore, be connected to that powerful spirit that grants all good things, and avoid the disabling spirit.
For when you open your mouth to any man without respect to ask him to fulfill any matter without respect, you disable this man`s ability to grant. This man shall be disabled while he continues to do business with you, and so shall you be disabled by the spirit that you assumed him to have for lack of your respect.
If a man speaks down on you leave him alone, for fear that that which he sees you to be will destroy him, for he will be destroyed by that same spirit he assumed, and be not the position where your presence destroy others. ....
Likewise move a man not into your sovereignty when he is down without first addressing the subjective spirit that brought him to his face. Yet it is required that you help people. Therefore, please understand this, any subjective spirit that you fail to address is likely to subject you. Therefore, the path that you must follow to fulfill the will of your God is also, a dangerously cautious path in the spirit.
You speak with absolute freedom when you tell this person what he needs to do to get himself into wack again. After all he is the one doing the asking so what would it take from you more - than it is already taking from you when you fulfill this person`s request - to tell the person how to address the spirit that is in them that is subjecting them. This is not an option at all, it is a mandatory requirement in the spirit. If you are not willing to address this matter to this person`s face then don`t even think about letting them into your sovereignty in such places as your home for this is no good for you to be subjected by the same spirit you`re trying to rid.
Your testimony is what give you power over this spirit and when you break through the pointless matter of hurting their feelings and tell them what they need to hear, that is the testimony that you need to overcome that subjective spirit.
The Tedious Matter
Now here we are with a situation where we have to be even more extra cautious before you do anything. The reason why you have to be careful when you verbally address this matter with the subjective spirit that is in this man, is that if you speak arrogantly to this man or speak down - as stated before in this writing - this is a curse to you. You do not want to be so arrogant as to impose your will on this person, because that is dangerous arrogance.
Therefore, think about this as a person is drowning and you are diving to save him, you have to reach out to that person on the level where they are at, and be humble. The most powerful thing is when they see you like them rather than you scorning them, for that push them further back into where you are trying to take them from. A lot of times those people that you thought of as insane are not insane, all they need is a little help and most importantly hope, which comes through the positive speaking of truth that shall enter their hearts.
Therefore, to this the answer is address the matter of the subjective spirit that subjected them, and do that while you help the immediate need. Don`t bring them much further than that help until you address that subjective spirit. If you are not able to address that subjective spirit - as some people don`t know how - then just continue to reach out to them with whatever assistance you can, don`t be arrogant but be nice, and encourage them ALWAYS with positive words. There is a harvest of people out their we can reach out to and lift up, that is the most important part of God`s kingdom. There is a great feeling in doing that, perhaps because its the will of God. This group of people that are at the bottom will be a mighty work force and productive force in the B5 Community, for they have already been to the bottom. Some of these are they who came out of great tribulation and shall have their robes washed white in the blood of the Lamb. They belong to The Kingdom Of God, and we are going out to get them.
I asked of God to give me men and women for his kingdom for most men and women are busy. He said unto me all I have left are these the untouchable, they are naked and some barren and cast away from the earth and are the kicking post. I said unto the Lord, do they have bodies with hands and feet and can walk ant talk, and the breath that you placed in them when you made them. The Lord said yes they do. I said unto the Lord, give them to me. He said unto me take them. He said unto me gather these from the four corners of they earth and execute the plan that I gave you with them. Open their minds to my light with the word that I gave you, bring them into my kingdom, start my government with them. When the cities become rich and in excess, and the build great buildings and escalate the cost of living so that these be on the street, and when there is no water clean enough for them to even drink, I the Lord God shall stretch forth my hand and touch the water, and all the waters of the earth shall felt the lightening of my presence and be clean, and them that shall bow down and drink the shall be filled with life, and with prophecies, and their bodies shall be healed. From this water they shall receive the holy spirit, and it shall be in them unto everlasting life.
The Kingdom Of God shall be not in a fancy building but in the world where those who shall come and follow the teachings and be obedient to them shall be saved, for God has already rejected the church, he is not there, nothing that`s done with any building there matters to him, he will not even punish them that loots it, for his presence is not even there. It is a building and an idea in which he have no interest, for that is the business of the world who hates him.
Wherefore, the government of Lucifier has stole every square feet of land, from the earth that Yahua God had created, and there is no place for The Kingdom Of God to be establish. This by thy spirit and power I ask that you establish a portion for your people to come together in this time and establish your righteous government there, for as your kingdom is in heaven so shall we build it on the earth. For the government of the Kingdom Of God is rest upon the shoulders of people of God.
The world gets now ready to enter into a subjective place, for the first trumpet have already sounded and the plagues have come out and are all over the world. Many have already died and there are many more to die. The Lord God Almighty had stretched forth his rod and is dividing the nations. Therefore, there shall be more civil wars in this time than there shall ever be. The lips of them that have eaten have already been sealed, for they have not the authority to speak while they are subjected to the beast. Therefore, their words shall be nay, yeh, moo, and dah, for the restriction is upon there lips and the have no beliefs other than the two hands that are presented to them to vote on either.
Let them who are called by the name of our God separate themselves from the world, and come into this movement and find a place

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