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To go mobile means to connect your business with mobile phone users in the mobile phone system where people can physically connect inside your business and request and access services without the need to be physically there or tying up a business phone line and unnecessarily consuming its workers time that could be best utilize doing other things. Furthermore, going mobile means that one worker can be processing several requests at a time instead of the one person at a time situation - as we know it. The worker can be processing 12 requests at the same time and be communicating directly with each of those 12 customers/clients at the same time.

MOPASS Serve Next If Present (SNIP) System

The customers/clients making those requests don't need to be physically at the building but can make those requests from anywhere. While, at the same time MOPASS is handling the inside traffic that is already present the system have a way of balancing the walking requests against the remote request so that SNIP works well without complication. SNIP is good both for the business productivity and favorability and is a comfort to the customers to know that they can request services remotely and come forward and pick-up their requests.

MOPASS Line Management System

MOPASS'S goal about people waiting in line is that it should never happen in any business or service. Waiting in line for anything creates a feeling of lack of service in your customers mind and cause them to have an inevitable distaste for your business. The customer will never surrender to understanding that you have many other customers/clients to serve so a line is necessary. The customer's only concern is about their time and how much of it they will reluctantly need to sacrifice to get your goods/services. Standing in lines will always be a discount to your services irrespective of what kind of business you are in.
Therefore, it should be evident that if your business have a system that deals with and solve those inconveniences, those unfavorable elements taken away from your customers doing business with you reverses the dislikes and thus turn those negative experiences into positive. Therefore, your business will DEFINITELY GROW, even for that purpose alone.
The reason why we become so afraid to go to a dentist is not because we don't need to pull a tooth but because of the agony that could be involved in doing so. When you expose your customers to harsh user experiences it certainly discount and diminishes your chance of keeping them coming on a long term consistent basis.


The Mobile Phone Accessible Services System (MOPASS) is the name that means -as it said. It is a system that lets mobile phones access services, and visa versa, it is a system that lets services access and connect with mobile phone users.
A business needs a MOPASS ELECTRONIC CARD in order to connect with those mobile phone users. The MOPASS ELECTRONIC CARD is accessed and saved to the Smartphone Users mobile phone devices in their Card Wallet, created by MOPASS.
Once the users/customers/clients have your MOPASS ELECTRONIC CARD saved on their phone in their Card Wallet they can access your services from your card ELECTRONICALLY and communicate into your business from your MOPASS ELECTRONIC CARD both by making request or just raw communication. Your business then can communicate back with them instantly regarding those requests.
The requests and communication will come into the business through computers and televisions screens and will have audio notification to alert the business when a new request is posted. The business can then communicate back with the requesters with one click of a button on that compouter/s. The request gets posted out instantly and the customer is informed on the status of their request.
MOPASS handles time and distances in a way that tells the business when cretain request needs to be processed and choosing which request is priority based on the factors in question. The essense is to make the business more productive and effective by properly managing and quantizing the business's time.


Some businesses going mobile will take more time to be established than others. For a typical small business we a setup time is about 3 weeks. It is much easier for us to determine a setup time when we know enough information on a business and have a good idea of how the business work and how its run. We honor our setup time frame.


Some businesses will say they do not have a need to go mobile because most of their customers are older folks who are not smartphone savvy. The fact of the matter is that that is becoming less and less so every day, because the generation of new customers that is being added to businesses are the younger folks who are now growing up. These are definitely quite savvy with their smartphones. It also should be noted that MOPASS have researched the narrative that younger folks are more savvier with smartphones. We found that the only reason for that is because the younger folks spend more time on their smartphone devices. We found out that if the folks who are older are not as savvy spend the same amount of time on their devices they would have the a greater level of familiarity with their smartphone devices than the younger audience.
One of our main mission in creating MOPASS was to create a system that is user-friendly for anyone. We have created that system. For instance to access the Card Wallet all a person needs to do is to google or visit mopass.net on their smartphone and that will put them into their card wallet interface automatically.
Furthermore MOPASS have a sign in and request system that we haven't covered in this writing.

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