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The Object Of Fear and Sadness and The Omen it Carries

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The Object Of Fear and Sadness and The Omens it Carries

While men outside works in the sun, being charged up and energized with the energy of the sun and ensuring that sane thing, men on the inside chased after dreams of insanity, and so they do in the pleasures, of life to achieve more pleasures of life, while this dream never ends and this fulfillment never comes.

For the sun was created to prosper all things. Therefore, all diseases are cured and the minds of men achieved sanity. A holy nation is preserved unto God in the sun. For there is the race of the moon and the race of the sun. That lunar race of the moon is the lesser light and that which rules the night. That force that rules the night is the force of darkness, that is that lunar government that seeks for the things of pleasure and the flesh.

This is the lunar lesser light of darkness that rules the world. As the moon is also a bright light but less brighter than the sun, them that are ruled by the moon knows not that there is a brighter light, although this light reflects on them. Yet they saw themselves with light but respect not the source that the light comes from. Therefore, as the rule in light they are illuminated and remains in the world of this light. To them there is no greater light, for the darkness know not the day. Now while there is that light of the moon that is the light in darkness, yet it is darkness.

Therefore, in the darkness men have light, but it is the light - not into darkness - but the light of darkness. Therefore, they have light but it is a darkness light, therefore, it is a dark light.

Because it is a light - though dark - men have some intelligence here to build and create, but all the things they build here belongs to the darkness and have darkness in them. Therefore, the whole world and government committed by this race is the government of darkness that belongs to the world of darkness.

This pale light of the moon represents a race of such. This is the reflection of the white race. This pale horse represents deception, and as the church have fell under this government of the world so have they fell under this deception. For this world have subjected them.

As such today the church - unknowingly - worship the spirit of the Antichrist, and is subjected by that spirit of the lesser light. Therefore, they have a form of Godliness but not enough to save. For this dark world wrote the books of God`s righteousness and gave it to the world as what was authorized for them to read. Yet as the spirit that granted this was compromised, so is the book compromised, and is almost powerless in itself to accomplish the very salvation of the soul that it should target. This was done with many important missing records and many untold stories, and with the intent designed to make belief of a God of compromise who did not exist, to prescribe an easy salvation that made the pursuers of salvation enemies of the cross that all men should carry. For this life is for the preparation of life as a probationary means and not the designed eternal life that comes with every soul.

For the standard of the Holy God is high, men have not yet even begin to account for the holiness he required from them, and the mission of achieving a mindset in his perfect will and abiding there in such must be achieve before salvation is possible.

Now by achieving those things of the flesh and pleasures of the mind that race of the moon feels that they have accomplish great things, but they accomplish death and darkness and that which destroys the soul. Neither in this state of darkness can they see, nor can they realize the entrapment there, and none can make them see. For though teachers may have come, they rejected them all and remain complacent in their comfort zone. Therefore, this path of pleasure and inside comfort for any man is the path of destruction.

When a man contemplate the pleasures of this life and set his heart on this thing to determine to himself whether he be happy or sad, he opens the path of hell to his soul and the gates there of - of hell. For while he sets himself in the path of achieving these earthly things to make him happy, he opens up his soul to temptation. That spirit that haunts that thing that this man seeks , sets out to haunt and subject this man`s spirit, and that which sets out to haunt and subjects also purpose to subject and haunt.

Once this spirit is set over a man to subject him, it shall design and dievce the purpose and the elements of that thing that will occur to haunt the spirit of the man, then by that haunting to subject it shall subject to haunt and haunts when it subjects.

The omen has come and the man is now under the puppet curse, for he shall be lead without knowledge and self control into these omens that occurs through these fears that he subjected himself to and served.

His face shows the reflection of his fear because his fear now exists and his countenance had changed. The gates of hell is set about this man to subject him. He have no praise. Therefore, he has no hope of the things that his praise shall spear him from, for he must have the faith needed to rise above the level of fear that subject him.

They Come To Steal

Now while this man`s mind is considering this unfortunate moments and the experiences of his life, his mind is distracted by those things and his heart experience sorrow and sadness. This time when the man is distracted and have his mind set on his misfortunes, his mind is set on his misfortunes and these misfortunes are haunting him. For as such they took over his mindset, in such a way where he is consumed with the thoughts of this misfortune, so much that he thinks about it all the time. As the man fears the power of this misfortune and the ability of this thing to subject him, and as his mind is constantly stayed on it, he is subjecting his worship to this thing.

Now by the man subjecting his mind to the power of this thing then his faith is also subjected to it, and by his faith being subjected to it it becomes the object of his worship.

Now by the man worshiping the thing of the dead, the worship of the live man gave power to the dead thing and death and the omen, for the lifeless is made alive through the living. When worship is given to the dead things they becomes alive because that worship is life that the man owes to God.

The dead things being given the live thing becomes alive. Now because death cannot life, the only glorification of death is more death.

They Come To Kill
Now therefore, just as when a man worships God, the God of life respond to the man by granting him more life, so also when a man worshiped death, death responded to him by granting him more death. Now the man that worshiped the God of life was already alive when he worshipped God, therefore, when his life continued it did not appeared obvious that he did received more life.

Nevertheless, death is a change in the man`s status since he was already alive when he worshiped the things of the dead. The man that steals from the house is not the owner of the house. Therefore, he cannot tarry there, he must do what he have to do in the twinkling of an eye and get out. Therefore, here the objective of the spirits of darkness is an untimely death. Now the way that this spirit acts is that while the man is distracted paying attention to the things and the negative mindset subject matters that he has already subject the man`s mind to be occupied with, it brings in the design of a tragedy to occur while this man gazes.

Now when he is dead from the untimely death, he dies in a mindset that was in worship to the omens.

Therefore, this soul is a lost soul, because he cannot connect back to God after he is dead if he dies in a mindset that rejected the power of God while he was alive. He finds himself in hell, regardless of who this man was and the life he had lived before, and the same fears and omens of darkness that haunts him at the time of his death also haunts him in death, and there he is subjected to be eternally haunted.

There is none to be blamed in such accidents and occurrences, for the spirits of darkness had designed this, and to the spirits of darkness, no man is innocent, for they hate all they know, and hate is all they know. Therefore, in such freak accidents they intend to destroy both lives, both the lives of the dead and the life of the undead. For the undead shall be haunted by this scene beyond the point where he can have freedom of life. While this souls is being haunted he is being lost.

Now we can say that the soul that lives can go to God for forgiveness, for God to forgive him for an accident that he did not designed but just fell in his lop. The Lord knows that this man did not cause this accident but the man knows not. Therefore, when he ask for forgiveness he continues to ask as if God did not hear him the first time. For a man`s conscience is what convicts him, and it is impossible for him to accept forgiveness for what he could not forgive for, for a conscience is not setup like that.

Therefore, the guilt of this man is there and the enemies in the spirit have him imprisoned especially when he was not totally honest about what had occurred. As long as a man`s conscience have any conviction of guilt, he is convicted of guilt and is a candidate of hell.

Any thing that makes this person unhappy or brings sadness into his heart is an objective of hell, and he already have hells DNA by these experiences. A saved soul is a happy soul and that soul that is sad cannot receive salvation, for this sadness comes through his unbelief.
They Come To Destroy
A man`s faith makes him happy, his lack of faith makes him sad. He could not be without the faith that he need to receive his salvation when he received his salvation. The same faith he needed in life to take him through difficulties is the same faith he need in the afterlife. For his faith is his transporter, to take him through difficult paths in his afterlife. He must overcome all things through his faith. If the man dies while his mindset is not inside the perfect will of God then his salvation is impossible. He has to be where the will of God is for the will of God will not go where he is. For if the perfect will of God would go where he is then he could not be lost.

The man that have negative emotions is on a destination to a place of negative emotions, that is hell. The man with positive emotions - after he defeated the things that could have produced negative emotions - is on a path to the land of the living.

Therefore, as the sadness takes him into death by destruction so did this sadness took him into destruction through death. That negative that started before a man dies continues after he is dead, and takes him into further death. For a man cannot change his trogectery after death but must continue from the path where he has died. That spirit that is responsible for the destruction of a mans soul and manage the purpose of this destruction is of the office of The Red Horse

The Omen
Here in a place where the preparations that were made for security was out a fear. A large house has been built and plenty of security was evident. There was plenty of real estate, and the grass was all cut and everything was intact. So professional ever thing looks. If you ask me this was of the best of the best of things, and nothing seems locking here. As a matter of fact I took a look back at the things were and it caught my eyes, so much that I had to look again, so I kept gazing back at this thing, thinking how amazing this is.

Nevertheless, here is a purpose that was well done and everything here is looking good, I can see that the house was being built and how successful you were here to have afforded these things. It must have cost a fortune to accomplish all this, and how apparently smart was those who headed this. This was all one perfect looking purpose, and we imagined even God must have been pleased.

Yet in this thing there was no life, for even just like this was the houses of burials where they made to burry the dead, and the real estate there was fine too. The little lilies that never seems to fade, and the flowers out in the yard.

Expensive chandeliers out in the hall way. The folks are here with doctorate degrees and masters, and the followers look up to them. Maybe too much they did, for so mark the object of idolatry and the disconnection from God. For another god dwells here, and he dwells in the heart of this people. For this is the place made perfect in the darkness, the absence of the God who has long gone, and the reign of the compromised spirit that did all this. Perfection in separation from God.

For it is not not that the omen did so chose to come, but it was forced. For that perfection without God was that perfection without life - yet it seems perfect, being made perfect without the God of life was the establishment of that which was made perfect to the God of lifelessness.

Therefore, this thing is an idol that men had built, with their own hands they have built this idol, and this is the worship of lifelessness. For because God did not authorized this thing he was not in it. Because the God of life was not in it it was lifelessness.

Therefore the life of those who participate was granted unto lifelessness. This is the worship of the dead. Now as the dead was worshipped so must the dead respond. God wood have responded with life, if this was his thing, but, as the God of life would have responded with life, the God of death responded with death. For while man gave their lives to lifelessness they made appointments with death. Their lives is turned unto the earth to lived under the earth. The call to a God whom they claim and claimed to know him better than any, but the God they called unto did not existed, for they knew him not.

Destruction was appointed and the plight of the curse of the untimely death, and the omen of destruction, for the omen had come upon idolatry, and it shall feed off the life of man, it must kill and that of an untimely death. The snakes and the viperous things dwells here in this place and in this thing, for the spirit of God is not there.

They comes in with white diamond cologne on the women, and obsession cologne on the men, but that which sweets is stink. The lord God almighty turn himself away from this place, and he will not visit there.

Therefore, go to reconstruct, for this church is stink, and the demons live there. For they will claim dead bodies of the attenders and of the families of the attenders, and all of this is of an untimely death. The demons dwell in the houses meant for worship, and they are killing and drinking blood. Woe to the families of them who attend these dark places, for there is no light there and only death and destruction.

Close the doors of this house and let us not worship here yet. For by now the demons are emptying here and there is but a few left. Take off your dress clothe and be comfortable. Walk humbly, go into the streets of the neighborhood where people live, and start conversations about their wellbeing, and bring them to fellowship with you. Yet bring them not into the house where the demons are, for they are there. Take them to the outer fields of the yard, and gather wood, and light a fire there. Make provisions and cook, and bring water to drink, and talk and fellowship here and play. Then continue to do this, and burn fire with wood every time you come.

Reach out for the poor among you, and hand them not only that which shall help them now, but setup a financial government, and involve them. Make things and market them, and build a community with the outside world. Then now you shall reference to them the path of salvation, and teach them to love all. Even their enemies they must love, and live love, and you too that teach love must live love. Take the depress in your arms and give them hope. Where there seems there was no hope, make hope and make them to hope, and that hope that you start their will manifest into greater hope.

Then return to the house with love and with the many seeds of love that you bore. Then now by your worship of humility you shall remove the curse. For God is humble and his Son is humble, and His Holy Spirit is humble. Return not to the path of your pride, and lay down the achievement of your degrees, for the kingdom of God is destitute from a lack of love.

Now when ye come to speak in the pulpits, introduce not any person based on their academic achievement, for this is an abominable thing in the sight of God. Neither shall any introduction be with regards to anything that a person had achieved. For this robs the glory of God and caused it to be absent in such deliveries, and it by this that the demons are worshiped and have taken over the house of God....

For any preparation made because of fear is the preparation made that brings fear. Now when fear enters the hearts of men, men become distracted, and fear then brings the destruction of the omen. Here an impact strike and death is likely, or much loss. For accidents are because of distraction and omen comes with bad misfortune, and the damages are never fixed.

The default of life is set to every man`s destruction. For if a man was destined to succeed then all would succeed, but by resistance against failure, success is achieved. For the battle must first be fought in and won in the spirit before it can be won.

Now for a man to achieve peace of mind he must first deny himself. For if a man cannot deny himself then he cannot save himself. For he cannot push a cart while he is in it, neither can he save himself while he is in himself. For this very thing is responsible for the destruction of man.


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