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The Republican Agenda - The Establishment of World Communism - The Prophecies Of Delroy Young (dont take offense) | * IMPORTANT! Please Read "Details"

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America is on its way to become a totalitarian government. Once they become communist. The rest of the world is going to follow. I don't want to get too much into this because I am going to write and post a video about this right now.

* The Job of The Prophet is to warn the people of the danger, so that the people can take head and escape, it is not to aim to be correct. I pray to the Lord my God that he will save us and deliver us from the things that are coming. Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done!! My soul weep with sorrow, so much that I wish I was ignorant of these things for peace sake. For the things that I know separated me from friends and put me on the outside of the world, as one who come from different world. Lord give the strength to bear your , and to carry your word in me without fear, to warn the people of the coming destruction. We fully know the agendas of the Democratic Party in terms of the immorality this party enforced, and also did some of it with the help of the supreme court. Therefore, for them who are inline with any form of religious beliefs we know that the Democratic party is not enforcing those values. Therefore, those who tend to be evangelicals leaned more towards the Republican party for that matter. However, sadly, I am here to reveal some very disturbing things to you - as far as the future of the United States and the rest of the world that will follow suit. First of all, remember that Lucifer have two hands and not just one. This means that if he is in control of the left (Democratic) he is also in control of the right (Republican) party. Therefore, don't be fooled about them being evangelicals. You will soon find out that that doesn't exist. However that is not what this topic is about. What I want to show you is a basic layout of Lucifer's agenda, but more in particular the subject of communism and why this agenda is necessary. Lucifer's plan is to lead the whole world into the abyss, right along with - especially - the people of God, that is those who will be lead their as sheep. Learn this that a man' s righteousness will cause him to be lost if wisdom is not applied to it. Therefore, learn the wisdom of the word about the spirit of the Antichrist and what is their agenda and how it is working, and understand that we are in the end time - whatever you perceive that to be. As I have already written in book "Lucifer - The Light Of Darkness", which is soon to be released, in order for Lucifer to bring poverty to the world, the middle class have to be eliminated. This means that there is a definite target to destroy the existence of all small businesses, this is already happening. I also written about The Spirit Of The Black Horse, this is the part of Lucifer's agenda that will is responsible for world initiation and the condemnation of all souls. I wrote about a lot of things, you have to find my works and get access to them. Since this is a blog and not a book I cant overextend it but just give you an idea of a whole big agenda that is already put in place and how its processing. The Republican Party over the next four years will be responsible for bringing communism to America. this will be done through totalitarian leadership. I know a lot of republican leaned voters will take offense to what I am about to say, and that is also part of the agenda that the subjective spirit have laid down. Vision 1 - The Charismatic Deceiver Elite My first vision about Mr. Donald Trump was at a time when I wasn't even thinking about politics. I was in a totally different subject matter, then I got the vision. Based on the vision I had about Donald Trump, I was standing on a balcony and through the glass I could see where they were showing me all the corruption in this man's background. So dark this was that - in that vision - you could easily get the sense that the darkness and deception there was past what could ever be imagined in a human. He already appeared there as a supernaturally dark being. Now look off from the balcony and down on the ground towards my right was this same man demon with a charismatic approach, standing before an audience who was cheering for him. The spirit revealed to me that everywhere this man goes he was charismatic, and that he have the power to charm people everywhere and in every sect and facet of life. Then the spirit brought me to another scene where I was in the church, and this man was charming people in the church as well and getting everybody to like him there. In the vision it was revealed to me that this man - who was also a demon - have the power to charm all people and to win them - regardless of his actions - for he is a demons. Those who fell under his spell could never get out. In that vision it was very clear to me that this man was a demon and that he have supernatural powers and that he is the son of Lucifer... Vision 2 - The Horse With The Purple Feet About two weeks after that vision, I was writing in one of my books and the Holy Spirit diverted me to write about something that was revealed to me a year before. Anyway when it's all put together it was revealed to me that there was a race that was been run at a racetrack and all of the horses have ribbons on their feet. However there was that one particular horse that who had no ribbon on his feet but that horse's feet was purple. The Spirit Of The Lord revealed to me that The Horse With The Purple Feet The feet were purple because this horse was forced to run so fast that its feet was battered and bruised, and the battered and bruises of the feet caused them to be purple,, for that reason. The Spirit Of The Lord told me that that which rode the horse was not a man but a demons. Therefore, the horse was forced to run by super natural force. The horse was running terrified because of what he was running from. Therefore, the horse was terrified for its life. The run that this horse run breathlessly to win will be the final race that this horse will run. For after this race the horse shall die - a different horse shall take its place in the next race. The Spirit of the Lord revealed to me that this horse that the demon rode to victory was the republican party, and the rider of the horse - which is the demon - is the current US president, Donald Trump. I always pray for my prophecies not to come through, because they cause my heart to be troubled. The republican party will not return to power after this, for this will be the death of that party, just as the horse that the demons rode did died. This rule of the future republican party will last for four more years - as their mantra states - and these four years will bring about Lucifer's agenda for the republican party. While this beast sits in office the country will immerge from its stance of democracy into a totalitarian government, and this must occur within the next four year. The corporate entities shall take over the government to subvert the people into poverty. There shall be long lines everywhere, such as never seen before. Millions shall be homeless, and the whole workforce system shall change to fit the new agenda. What is left of the essence of the small business society shall be removed. Therefore, the existence of small businesses will be like a tree cut down waiting to fall. When the small businesses shall crash it will be sudden and hard. A process shall be put in place to carry out this process, such as another government shut down with no provision to resemble this sector. The United States economic system shall be paralyzed. There shall be many deaths and violence everywhere, as the nation erupt with many social issues. Lucifer shall cause the spirits of men to judge evil as good, and corrupt their sense of decency and consciences, and they shall kill and devour each other... Before, it shall be realized that the United States has become a totalitarian government. the embodiment of totalitarianism and socialism shall already be inset. As they people asked for a fish, so had Lucifer given them a stone, as they sought for light so gave he them the light of darkness. The Global Spread Of Communism The short version and summary After the communism of the United State has been initiated, the countries that feeds on to it shall follow suit. For as the suck the breast of the beast so had they absorbed all its poison. China will be the new super power of the world, and the communist agenda will be every where. This rule of this provision will be the new world order and the government of the subjective spirit, and the lock steps of the world, leading the inhabitants of the world to the abyss of hell. Therefore, the church needs to separate itself, and we are doing that now. This is what we need your donations, as much of it as you can give. There is a lot more to say on all these subjects and subject matters, but there will be lots of publications and boos on this website to keep you informed

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